Week 5 Activity- Cuisine

Immediately after hearing about the assignment I knew I would be doing the cuisine portion of the activity because I could eat my creation once I was finished. With that already decided, I brainstormed different types of food I could manipuart 110 beginlate into art as well as enjoy eating for lunch. Of course I landed on pizza as my best option, for pepperoni was simple to manipulate and I knew I would gladly eat my creation once I was finished. I went to the Vons near my place and purchased the cheapest frozen pepperoni pizza I could find (knowing that the cheap ones have mobile pepperoni). There were not as many slices of pepperoni aart 110 ends I was hoping for so my design was spotty and not as perfect as I had hoped, but the result was still close enough to be successful. My creation is titled “Pepperoni Peace-A”… because it’s intended to look like a peace sign on the pizza. I had a fun time arranging the pieces, and had a very good time after, when I got to enjoy the delicious pizza. I felt that I learned a minimal amount about the art of Cuisine, for real chefs spend hours on their creations in order to make them visually appealing as well as delicious. If I were to go back in time and do this assignment again i would have purchased a cheese pizza, and a separate block of pepperoni that i could cut up on my own. That way I would have had enough pieces of pepperoni to create the peace symbol without the gaps.



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