Week 10- Activity- Group Portrait

art 110- week 10 activityThis week I snapped pictures at the beach, on campus, at night while long boarding, and at the gallery we interviewed the artist at. It was interesting for me to document what I was doing with my day and to truly stop and admire all the beautiful things I see on a day to day basis. I tend to take the beauty of Southern California for granted, so this assignment made me “art 110- week 10 activity 2stop and smell the roses”. It was cool to go on the hashtag and see what all of the students in 110 are doing with their days, and see the similarities in peoples’ routines and interests. Many of the pictures were of the gallery and the artwork inside, and many others were of food, or the restaurant that they were at. It gives our class a sense of community and culture, and really makes me realize how much there is to do in this area, and how many people there are to meet.

Instagram- cashhhmoney2016


Week 10- Artist Conversation- Helen Werner Cox

Artist: Helen Werner Cox
Exhibition: Silent Screams
Media: Pastel on prints
Gallery: Gatov Gallery West
Website: none
Instagram: none

Helen Werner Cox is a graduate student here at Cal State Long Beach, and was in the School of Arts’ Drawing and Painting program. She is originally from a small farm town outside of Ithica, New York. Throughout her life she has been a teacher at a high school in Boston for thirty years, and moved on to work with middle school teens in Long Beach for 17 years. She said that her favorite place to live was Boston, but loves the weather here in Long Beach. Some of her hobbies include gardening, reading fiction and mystery books, solving puzzles, and other strategy games. She has always loved nature and the outdoors, which compelled her to draw organic characters. Her work explores art 110- week 10 artist horsechaos and power, which is perfectly exemplified by her theme of horses.

All of her work consists of large portraits of either horses, or carousels with horses on them. She uses oil and pastel on prints, and does wood carving and pastel mono prints to add detail and texture. Most of the materials she uses are water based, which allows her to get the organic feel she is going for. Her initial idea was to paint a merry-go-round with people on it, but over time she grew more and more fascinated with the horses on a carousel. As a little girl, she recalls being in love with carousels, and even remembers being mesmerized by the first one she saw in Santa Monica. Most of her time is spent at the Griffith Park carousel in Los Angeles, which gives her more inspiration for her paintings. Besides the fact that she is drawing living creatures, she brings her paintings to life even more with her use of organic lines and and lively bright colors. The pastels she uses on top of the oil paint allows for a cartoon look to her work, and there is so much coloration that it makes it pop out of the frame. All of the paintings are relatively big, about 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall (give or take a few feet), but none too big to fit in a gallery.

The artist herself stated that she wants her artwork to look powerful, while still portraying the idea of chaos. The insertion of horses or carousels into all of her work is a result of her attempts to promote chaos and power. Horses are powerful animals, and have always been used as an archetype for strength and power, but they are also chaotic animals. They kick, jump, buck, and roam around freely, often at the expense of the human in which they are most close to. Helen even said that as a child she was never into horses, so that further provides evidence that she draws the characters to
exemplify chaotic power. There is a tad bit of nostalgia involved with her creations, what with her infatuation with carousels as a child. She finds carousels calming, and it helps her relieve anxiety and stress. Her art 110- week 10 artist picartwork is another way for her to channel her anxiety and fear, for as a child she had a bad experience with a horse which caused her to fear them the rest of her life. Her art is an expression of her fears, her past, and her interests.

I sympathize with the artist in the sense that I have always been afraid of horses, and have always had a love for carousels. Almost every kid loves carousels, and I think she is trying to make viewers have feelings of nostalgia whilst viewing her work. My bad experience with horses came when I was about nine years old and visiting some friends up in the hills of the Altamount. They own a ranch up in the hills, with tons of land, so they also owned horses to travel around on. I was trying to ride one when, all of a sudden, it got spooked and bolted off running. Since I had no experience with horses I didn’t know how to calm down or slow down the horse and ended up just falling off of it. Since then, I have always viewed horses as chaotic beings with tremendous amounts of power. I understand why she chose these creatures in order to exemplify chaos and power.

Week 10- Classmate Converstaion

This week I spoke with Alex who is a first year student and commutes from Lakewood. We both like to work out, and go to the beach, but he prefers playing soccer and baseball, while I prefer basketball and football. He also likes to skateboard, go to the movies, and hang out with his girlfriend. At CSULB he is art 110- week 10 classmatea criminal justice major and wants to be on a C.S.I. team in the future. If he could go anywhere in the world, he would go to Germany because he always had a strange love for Hitler, his idol. He prefers vans over chucks which is a deal-breaker for me in my search for long lasting friendships, so I had to rule out Alex as a potential best friend.


Jerry is a strange and quiet man, very hard for people to read, living by himself on Moonbase Alpha. He is a 32 year old pilot, along with 25% of the population of Moonbase, but differs from the rest in the sense that he is one of the co-pilots of Air Force One. Jerry Seinfeld is in charge of taking the President of his planet all around the universe, from allied territories to the dreaded Magnavox galaxy. For most people, the pressure of taking care of art 110- week 9 experiencethe President all around space would be too much to handle, but he copes with the stress by having an excellent sense of humor and positive outlook on life. His mother is responsible for his great attitude, but he did have hardships as a child. Jerry’s father was the infamous Lex Luthor, but had no affect on Jerry’s life because he was never around. Without a father figure, it was tough for Jerry to find his way in life, but his mother’s guidance pushed him through pilot school and government training in order to make a name for himself that wasn’t tarnished. While his father Lex was off trying to destroy a distant planet and take down his arch nemesis, Jerry fought for the government, but his relationship to his father concerned almost everyone, except for the President.

“Air Force One, come in, Air Force One…”, spews from the radio on the dashboard. General Scooter Perkins (https://rebekahhjohnson.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/general-scooter-perkins/) was on the device trying to reach out to Jerry. “Air Force One, stop the ship or you will be neutralized…” Jerry ignored the series of messages from the General, and continued to blast away at lightspeed with the President tied up and the guards locked away in the back room. His father had recently come in contact with him and come up with a diabolical plan to take over the universe. Lex had already stranded his nemesis on a dying planet, and was ready to make even bigger steps to have total power. The President’s intuition about Jerry was incorrect for he had finally developed the evil, power-crazy mindset that his father has. With the beautiful music of Xante (https://ngoziekwedike.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/xante-746/) blasting in the cockpit, a powerful leader in his possession, and his father back in his life, Jerry felt alive for the first time in his entire life. All of a sudden, “WHOOM”, General Scooter Perkins had attached his ships to the bottom of Air Force One, preparing for an invasion of the ship. The bottom of the floor ripped open and Enzo (https://nitramdiaz.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/enzo/), the legendary crime-fighting Iron Man, popped up and started shooting. The President was saved, and the target was neutralized, but at the price of a young man’s life. Although Jerry was poisoned by his father, he was good at heart, and The President was saddened that it had to end this way.

Week 9- Artist Conversation-Sean Joy Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig
Exhibition: All work all play
Media: Metal, copper, silver
Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: none
Instagram: Private/ personal

Sean Joy Cabanig is a 5th year undergrad student in the School of Arts’ Metals Program at CSULB. She is originally from Los Angeles, but currently lives in Long Beach, and enjoys spending her free time reading, playing with her cats, playing video games, hanging out with her friends or boyfriend, and going out to eat. When she applied for CSU Long Beach, she started as a creative writing major, but switched after her first semester. Her work is a way for her to journal her emotions and daily life, while still being humorous and experimental. After school, she still doesn’t know what she’s going to do, either grad school or straight to work. The work she does is typically created for projects, but she personalizes each piece to resemble her feelings or what she finds visually appealing.

All of her work consists of metal “sculptures” (for lack of a better word) that have a ceramic look. She starts off with a concept sketch, proceeds to making a wax model, or will occasionally skip the wax model and go straight into creating her work with copper or silver. A few pieces incorporate other media to the metal in order to give it a better finish and smoother feel. Most of the work is bronze colored without paint, and all the work has a smooth finishing and is slick to the touch. There are sharp corners and angles on the majority of the pieces, but the edges are sanded down to prevent injury. Her work is a variety of creations ranging from sculptures to jewelry, but all are inspired by her personal life experiences and the rubric for the project she’s working on in school. The pieces are given a living feel by her use of art 110- week 9 artistorganic lines and figures, and certain sculptures are painted with gray scale colors to put an emphasis on the image. All of her pieces are small, under one foot squared, but differ in size and environment ranging from sculptures hung on the ceiling or wall to simply jewelry.

Sean Cabanig stated herself that the majority of her work is created for projects, but she finds a way to make it her own by making it funny or cool. Her exhibit name All work All play is a way of saying that she creates work for school but adds her own pizzazz in the process. From my conversation with her, I could tell she was a free-spirit unconcerned with the future, and I think her work is a reflection of that. It doesn’t necessarily have a meaning, because she doesn’t necessarily create it for a purpose that makes sense to viewers. She creates her work in order to explore her artistic ability and experiment with different shapes and medium. Although she enjoys seeing her true capabilities upon viewing her finished work, she enjoys the process of creating her work, from the brainstorming and sketches onward. Metal sculpting is a way for her to experiment and create humor through her life experiences.

Throughout my life I have taken an interest in music and art, and I can relate to the way that Sean creates her work. When I took art classes in high school, all of my work was done for class assignments, but I added my own twist to each assignment so that the final product was still something of my own. Adding a personal color scheme, or trademark styles and characters allows students to have fun with an assignment. Even when I was learning to play piano, the first six or seven years were dedicated to classical songs assigned to me by a teacher. I had to find a way to make the songs entertaining to me, so I would add a swing rhythm or a few chords or notes that I thought sounded good. This style of creativity indicates that the artist is having fun with the work, and enjoys the process just as much as, if not more than, the final result. She wants to enjoy her work, and hopes that viewers do too, whether it’s for the content or her added humor.

Week 9- Classmate Conversation

art 110 week 9 classmateThis Thursday I met and talked with Martin and ended up having a lot in common. We both dormed our first year (and hated it), live in the same apartment complex, and share a favorite genre of music: rap. He is a 3rd year computer engineering major who works in Buena Park. His favorite food is tacos and buffalo wings, and he is an amateur boxer, which he spends most of his free time doing. He wants to work on cars when he graduates, and is originally from San Diego. My favorite rapper is Jay-Z, and his favorite rapper is J. Cole which is cool because Jay-Z is the one who signed J. Cole to his record label, so we share a similar interest in music. It turns out he is allergic to grass, which I didn’t even know was something you could be allergic to, and he prefers vans over chucks, which didn’t sit well with me. Overall, I would rate the experience a six point five out of ten.

Week 8- Artist Conversation- Bri Joy

Artist: Bri Joy
Exhibition: Printmaking. Fine Art
Media: Ink on bfk paper
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Website: none
Instagram: Bri.Joy

Bri Joy was born and raised in Magesca, a small town in the Santa Ana mountains and has always been in touch with nature. Her hometown has no cell phone service and is in the midst of a forest, soart 110 week 8 artist she enjoys the natural environment and wildlife but decided to come to Long Beach after high school. She chose the major printmaking because she took a class in high school and fell in love with the process. After this semester, she will be done with her undergrad and doesn’t plan on going to graduate school. Once she graduates, she intends on teaching printmaking at a college level. She is a student in the School of Arts’ Printmaking program. Due to her involvement with extreme rural and urban areas, her work is a combination of organic and digital lines.

All of her pieces were moderately sized posters with horizontal or vertical lines that created an image. Most of the images were random abstractions but some were of organic items (usually humans), and she varies the space between each line in order to manipulate the image or design expressed. She uses various types of ink and puts design on a screen then presses it onto a print board to get her design. The nature of her line is organic or digital and she uses jagged and smooth shapes because she intends for her work to jump, move around, and exist. Bri’s intention is to create value by manipulating eyes and wants a conversation between the entire piece. Each piece was about 2 feet tall and 6 feet wide which allowed for an observer to change their perspective of the pieces by standing far away or close enough to see each line.

Her work doesn’t necessarily about anything, but is her creation and is simply an expression of her feelings and thoughts. She stated that she wants to merge her past and present and express her experience of moving from the most extreme rural area to an extremely urban area. All of her work has an organic aesthetic that leads me to believe she constantly thinks about her hometown. Even she said that Magesca is aart 110 week 8 naked great place to raise kids, and that she may end up living there later in life. Her pieces explore the organic influence on the digital world, which explains why her work looks like manipulated computer data from the Matrix. The result of her work is due to her longing to return home to her roots in the mountains.

I personally do not enjoy being in nature, but nature itself is very beautiful and I have always been intrigued by the incorporation of both city life and remote life. When I moved from my relatively small hometown to Chicago, I experienced something similar to Bri but instead of longing to return to the wilderness, I fell in love with the city. Her work reminds me of the A Sunday on La Grande Jatte in the Art Institute of Chicago that consists of millions of tiny dots. All the tiny dots add up to create a beautiful scene of people enjoying a sunny Sunday in the park. This work can be found in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as well, and is similar to Bri Joy’s work in the sense that it incorporated a series of digital lines or marks that create an organic scene. But both, as displayed in Ferris Bueller, can change perspective due to how far away or close up you stand to the artwork.


Week 8- Classmate Conversation

On Thursday I met and spoke with Kyu Lee who is a technical theater major graduating in the spring. She wants to be a sound technician for movies when she graduates. Her favorite food is Korean BBart 110- homieQ, and she commutes from her parents home in Florence. Whilst commuting she drives a Volvo sedan and said that she enjoys driving aimlessly. Kyu is originally from Korea, she was born and raised there until 10 years old. One of her favorite hobbies is sleeping, but playing instruments (piano, guitar, just like me). She enjoys nature, while I despise nature so Kyu was not immediately my best friend. But I play piano and guitar so I guess she’s cool.


Week 7- Artist Conversation- Andrea Williams

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams
Exhibition: Sacrifice
Media: ceramic, raw clay, cement, mason stain
Gallery: Max L Gatov Gallery East
Website: Mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com
Instagram: AndreaWilliammms

Andrea Lauren William was born and raised in Riverside, California and has been involved with art and music her entire life. All of her family members were musicians and artists so she grew up loving it. In her early twenties she was a drummer in a band. Her favorite medium to create with is cement because it is easy, however she hates all the toxins that are released working with cement and ceramic because she doesn’t want the toxic materials around her kids. Andrea is an undergraduate since 2012 in the Ceramics department of CSULB’s School of Art. Being a mom is her favorite interest, and she also loves pigs, dogs, chickens, and babies. The work she does focuses on ideas imploring one’s faith and sacrifice.

All of her work appears as if it could belong in a church, and contain biblical elements to reinforce that appearance. The artwork is shaped like tombs and depict images of nude women, a cross, and various sorts of biblical animals and plants (shrubs, sheep, shepherds, etc.). Her work consists of textural and loose, but gestural and “very hand made”. Every piece in her exhibit was a painting, and all the cement and clay used is handmade. She purposefully did not smooth out finger printers art 110- jesusin order to elicit texture. It takes her about a week in order to complete a painting, including the process of making cement and clay by hand. She focuses on texture and gesture of the characters, as well as repetition on objects. The paintings are fairly large, approximately seven feet tall, and most included more than one painting, though one was usually smaller.

She stated that her work explores a lot, and is about many different aspects of life, but most focus on one’s faith. Her work explores sacrifice, marriage, Christianity, and faith at a woman’s time. When viewing her work, she wants people to question religion, and question art. Even she asked the question, “Nowadays, what is art?” Andrea seemed like a very honest, religious, and humble person, and it came as no surprise to me when she said that she finds inspiration from her faith. I believe she creates her work from passion for her religion and wants to spread her faith to others. She focuses on women because she is focusing on her personal religious experience in order to find inspiration for her creations. Art and music is a way for her to release emotion and passion into something that people can experience, and is her second-most loved thing on this Earth behind her family.

I grew up deeply involved with the Roman Catholic Church due to my mother and experienced the pathway through the church all the way from Baptism to Confirmation. About seventeen years of my life, once a week I would dress up and go to church with my family to the morning service. This artist’s work resonates with my upbringings in faith, and reminds me of something my mother would buy to hang up in our home. I have always found religious artwork (specifically Christian) to be very interesting and beautiful. Her work is exactly how Christian artwork should look, what with the tombstone shape, earth tone colors, and unfinished clay surface. Sacrifice is one of the most crucial parts of life according to most religions, and this artist intends for viewers to question what is off limits for them. She wants people to question if they are sacrificing too much or too little, for she has struggled with the same question her whole life.

Week 7- Classmate Conversation

I met and talked with Patrick Dong this Thursday. His favorite color is Ocean blue and he is a fourth year math major here at CSULB. He was born in Vietnam, but moved to the United Start 110- classmate pic 7ates at a young age. He said that he loves Long Beach because of the weather. If he could travel anywhere in the world, he world travel to Japan. His favorite food is Korean BBQ, which I agreed was delicious, and he is also a member of Cal State Long Beach’s karate club, which is his main hobby. He also likes music. He wouldn’t say what music, just music. All in all it was a great experience meeting Patrick, and having another best friend all thanks to these classmate conversations.