Week 7 Activity- Video Project

I don’t have the link to the video but I was in a group led by Madison Braverman that did a music video to the theme of Spongebob Squarepants. Our initial idea was do to a music video because that way no one would have to act, as we were all against that aspect of film making. It took a while for us to decide which song to make a video to, but we eventually agreed on the theme of Spongebob Squarepants because we all already knew the words, and it is a relatively short song. The process went well, as we roamed around upper campus looking for good places to shoot, and decided upon the fountain, a tree, and our classroom. I feel that the project overall went well and came out as we expected it to. Our main criteria for the short film was for it to be funny, and I’m confident that it is. If we were to do this project again, with the knowledge that I have know, I would suggest that we shoot in a few more locations so as to make the video more visually pleasing.


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