Jerry is a strange and quiet man, very hard for people to read, living by himself on Moonbase Alpha. He is a 32 year old pilot, along with 25% of the population of Moonbase, but differs from the rest in the sense that he is one of the co-pilots of Air Force One. Jerry Seinfeld is in charge of taking the President of his planet all around the universe, from allied territories to the dreaded Magnavox galaxy. For most people, the pressure of taking care of art 110- week 9 experiencethe President all around space would be too much to handle, but he copes with the stress by having an excellent sense of humor and positive outlook on life. His mother is responsible for his great attitude, but he did have hardships as a child. Jerry’s father was the infamous Lex Luthor, but had no affect on Jerry’s life because he was never around. Without a father figure, it was tough for Jerry to find his way in life, but his mother’s guidance pushed him through pilot school and government training in order to make a name for himself that wasn’t tarnished. While his father Lex was off trying to destroy a distant planet and take down his arch nemesis, Jerry fought for the government, but his relationship to his father concerned almost everyone, except for the President.

“Air Force One, come in, Air Force One…”, spews from the radio on the dashboard. General Scooter Perkins ( was on the device trying to reach out to Jerry. “Air Force One, stop the ship or you will be neutralized…” Jerry ignored the series of messages from the General, and continued to blast away at lightspeed with the President tied up and the guards locked away in the back room. His father had recently come in contact with him and come up with a diabolical plan to take over the universe. Lex had already stranded his nemesis on a dying planet, and was ready to make even bigger steps to have total power. The President’s intuition about Jerry was incorrect for he had finally developed the evil, power-crazy mindset that his father has. With the beautiful music of Xante ( blasting in the cockpit, a powerful leader in his possession, and his father back in his life, Jerry felt alive for the first time in his entire life. All of a sudden, “WHOOM”, General Scooter Perkins had attached his ships to the bottom of Air Force One, preparing for an invasion of the ship. The bottom of the floor ripped open and Enzo (, the legendary crime-fighting Iron Man, popped up and started shooting. The President was saved, and the target was neutralized, but at the price of a young man’s life. Although Jerry was poisoned by his father, he was good at heart, and The President was saddened that it had to end this way.


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