Week 10- Activity- Group Portrait

art 110- week 10 activityThis week I snapped pictures at the beach, on campus, at night while long boarding, and at the gallery we interviewed the artist at. It was interesting for me to document what I was doing with my day and to truly stop and admire all the beautiful things I see on a day to day basis. I tend to take the beauty of Southern California for granted, so this assignment made me “art 110- week 10 activity 2stop and smell the roses”. It was cool to go on the hashtag and see what all of the students in 110 are doing with their days, and see the similarities in peoples’ routines and interests. Many of the pictures were of the gallery and the artwork inside, and many others were of food, or the restaurant that they were at. It gives our class a sense of community and culture, and really makes me realize how much there is to do in this area, and how many people there are to meet.

Instagram- cashhhmoney2016


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