Week 11- Activity- Turning Pages

art 110- week 11 picIt is difficult to document short lived moments such as the Art Experience that we did this week. These moments pass so quickly and are hard to explain or represent with just a picture and some words. Certain experiences can be captured by images or videos (such as sight-seeing or museums), but one can not capture the feelings of an experience. Turning pages in particular can’t be fully captured by images or words because it was more about the feelings and environment than the physical appearance of the experience. The style of how the pictures or words are used can affect how one interprets an experience, but in this case it doesn’t matter what form is used. Sharing experiences has always been tough for me, because no amount of images or wild stories can quantify what it feels like to actually be there. I can look at pictures of the Sistine Chapels and read up about it all day long, but no amount of research will compare to physically going to Italy and witnessing the beauty. I agree that sometimes attempting to document an experience takes away from the moment, but I understand the obsession with it. We want to remember these experiences and the best way to do so is to document it is with our phones or cameras. I can take myself back to my trip to New York, or my senior trip to Disneyland simplyart 110- week 11 pig 2 by looking at pictures or videos I took. Sharing these videos is what is not useful. Without the actual memories, it is simply looking at an image or iPhone screen, and the stories have no real value unless one experienced it themselves.

The experiences in the Library and the Bookstore were hardly different to me, because the documentation of it didn’t hinder my ability to observe and live in the moment. Snapping a few pictures in the Bookstore didn’t take away from my experience in any way, but to be fair, it didn’t truly capture the experience either. My experience with this activity was strange to put it simply. I felt strange when we were in the library with huge children’s books, because everyone was staring at us as if we were doing something outrageous. The bookstore was strange because I never truly thought about how our “bookstore” is more of a spirit store than anything else. Both are places I frequently go without putting much thought into what is actually there, and what used to be there. This experience opened my eyes to how our world has developed, and to how the university system is similar to a corporation. Education has become an industry for many, and seeing as our chancellor makes over $400,000 a year, I’d say that industry is booming. I don’t know when education became about money, probably forever, but I think it’s time we take money out of the equation. Learning should be something that all people of all ages can do, and my experience in the bookstore pushed in that direction.


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