Week 13- Art Experience- Fiber Art

I tried to cut up an old tank top I owned and manipulate it to look partially tattered and art 110 week 13 project 2
partially weaved. The end result was much more tattered than I intended, but I am clearly not invested into the weaving, sewing, or crocheting art form. Never before have I attempted to manipulate fiber, and I must say that it is a pain in the ass. The scissors I used to cut the fabric were dull, and the fabric was rather thick, art 110- week 13 projectso cutting long vertical incisions into the shirt was painful and tiring. Also, one has to cut multiple long incisions in order to make even a small braid, or any form of weaving. I tried to use some magic marker on the shirt but it didn’t show up well and is hard to notice in the pictures. The activity was pretty frustrating to be honest. I thought the process was going to be a lot easier than it was, butart 110 week 13 project 3 I got a good forearm workout so I can’t complain. The images you posted got me very intrigued with fiber art, as I had never known it was even an art form. I personally won’t create any more art consisting of fabric or fiber, but now that I know it exists, there is a good chance I’ll invest in someone else’s work


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