Week 14 – Activity Feedback

My 3 favorite activities we did throughout the semester consist were the Landscape with a Corpse assignment, the Graffiti writing assignment, and the group video project. All of these were the most entertaining to me, which is why they are my favorite. The graffiti was fun because I’ve never used spray paint before, the landscape with a corpse allowed for a lot of creativity and freedom in the assignment, and the video project was just a good time. I had a lot of fun with my group making that video and that was easily the most fun activity of the year. My least favorite activities were the plaster casting in the sand, cuisine, and the art care package. I didn’t understand how these activities pertained to the course, and therefore thought they were useless. They were a hassle to complete outside of class, due to the fact that I didn’t have a car at the start of a semester. I think that you should assign projects that do not require materials or driving any distance whatsoever. I even missed some assignments (not saying it was your fault, I am also lazy) partially because of the difficulty finding a ride, or finding materials to do the project. Also, if you are accepting any constructive criticism about the course, you should get rid of the classmate conversations. It was a waste of time and effort and didn’t pertain to the course at all. I think your objective was for people to be social and meet one another, but it ended up being quick conversations just to get credit for a pointless and tedious assignment. Otherwise, I enjoyed this class a lot, and most of the activities were entertaining and informative.


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